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Searching for Superman is a documentary film project about inspiring & innovative educational projects and schools. 

For more than two years we will travel across Europe searching for people (teachers, school leaders, social entrepreneurs, young people themselves…) who are changing the world through education. In 2021 we will produce the film with the best insights..

Our goals are to share their stories and testimonials and to connect them to generate a  movement of global change.

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Fab Lab: Making brings your ideas to life

Fab labs are spaces that offer democratic access to high tech machines that were normally not reachable and understandable by normal people. Nowadays these machines are really easy to understand and the software for 2D and 3D design has become … Read More

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SchlaU Schule: supporting young refugees

Germany ratified in 1992 the Convention on the Rights of the Child (commonly abbreviated as the CRC or UNCRC), a human rights treaty which sets out the civil, political, economic, social, health and cultural rights of children, with the exception … Read More

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Spielraum21: Uncovering the magic of the curriculum

Spielraum21 is a private school recognized by the state that shows one of the many ways in which education in the 21st century could take place in both public and private schools taking advantage of the room offered by the … Read More

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Ideenbüro (The offices of ideas)

Christiane Daepp founded the “Ideenbüro” program in 2002 in response to difficulties at a school. She recognized that children are outstanding problem solvers. Particularly in areas that affect them personally, children can be extremely successful in the role of conflict … Read More

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The weavers are the people who are already leading the change, people who is working or has been working directly with young people (or young people themselves) and empowering them as change makers. They have also taken one step back … Read More

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The KAOSPILOTS Switzerland and the “painful” playground

KaosPilots is a social entrepreneur school. It is a place of practical learning and personal development and growth we students are challenged real world projects and more. A KaosPilot is a responsible Leader, a creative Entrepreneur and a Change Maker, … Read More

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Inspiring conversations

Education is about more than academics

At the MOS München, students don’t feel like a number, they feel like themselves because teachers are interested in them as people, they make them feel as people. It’s not only what happens in classes but the interpersonal contact that … Read More

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The Arts in Waldorf education

What makes us humans is that everything inside us is in connection with each other: what I think can be judged by my feelings: “is this right or is this wrong?”, and what I can think and feel, I can … Read More

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Handling freedom and learning to take responsibility

For a child to handle freedom is difficult. There are some students that have more difficulties to do it than others that are better structured inside. At the Freie Aktive Schule Stuttgard (FAS) all of them learn step by step … Read More

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From hierarchical to flat structures: growing real respect

We talk with Carl Mirwald, headmaster at MOS Munchen about the development of the Montessori pedagogy with young adults. The most important thing for Carl is to be respectful, the students have freedom of choice, not the subjects (mandatory by … Read More

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Intrinsic motivation for lifelong learning

Isabel Kaufhold is teacher at the Freie Aktive Schule (FAS) in Stuttgart. We talk with her about the teaching & learning strategies and the pedagogy which is behind the free schools in general and the FAS in particular. The inner … Read More

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The Curriculum and the Waldorf teacher training

The curriculum, always in the eye of the hurricane, criticised by many teachers, apparently rigid in many countries and flexible in others. In Germany independent schools have a lot of freedom to develop their own school curriculum. In this interview … Read More

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Learning to take risks in a safe environment

Spielraum21 is a private school recognized by the state that shows one of the many ways in which education in the 21st century could take place in both public and private schools taking advantage of the room offered by the … Read More

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The Council Guide Training (CGT)

The Council Guide Training Switzerland is a beautiful two years journey and an intensive training that takes place every 3 months as an integral part of the Swiss KaosPilots Switzerland curriculum. The students learn by being out in nature, to … Read More

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Waldorf Education: What is holistic learning?

Founded in the early 20th century, Waldorf education is based on the insights, teachings and principles of education outlined by the world renowned artist, and scientist, Rudolf Steiner. The principles of Waldorf education evolve from an understanding of human development … Read More

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Chatting with students

Young refugees: Towards the next horizon

Yassin, former student of SchlaU-Schule and student of MOS München, shares with us his personal story. He moved from Afghanistan to Germany looking for the opportunities he couldn’t find in his country. The opportunity to go to school, to go … Read More

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Learning takes time

Teresa is a former student of the Free Active School of Stuttgart. In this interview we talk with her about her stay at the school. She explained us that at the school, she had the time to learn the things … Read More

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Articles & other contributions

The great adventure of a whole learning community fighting together against Climate Change in Senegal

Students, teachers and relatives from Santa Apolonia school (Galicia, Spain) travel to take part in the Great Green Wall initiative to prevent the Sahara extends to the south in Senegal. This trip and all the related activities are part of a project developed by the … Read More

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Decent communication for avoiding conflicts in learning communities

In a divided learning community communication is the key, not only for solving conflicts but also for avoiding them. We talk with Mister Hartmut Kay Hirsch about the fundamentals and strategies of Decent Communication approach and its benefits for growing … Read More

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Have you seen superwoman or superman?

Help us discovering where superman or superwoman is in Europe

One of the hardest part of finding superwoman or superman is the research process. We have at the moment an amazing network of people guiding us across Europe in our search. Anyway any additional contribution giving information about inspiring educational projects and schools anywhere in Europe (including contact person information) will be most welcomed!

Send your contribution via email to contact@searchingforsuperman.es.

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About us

David Fernández Graña


During the last six years David has been teaching educators from all over the world how to improve their teaching methods focusing on growing happy, conscious and solidary children. As a freelance filmmaker he started in 2012 the ikaia project, documenting innovative educational projects with the aim of motivating and inspiring others.

Amaia Maguregui


Amaia has been working as freelance social photographer during the last 10 years. With special sensitivity to portray people naturally and spontaneously, the travel and the project are for Amaia an opportunity to help people doing what she loves and to develop new skills.


More than two years travelling Europe in a van


For any inquiries please email