Inspiring conversations are brief interviews with people who are leading the change in education. Some insights from these interviews will be part of the Film “Searching For Superman” for 2021.

Inspiring conversations

About creativity and entrepreneurship Victoria Haro
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About creativity and social entrepreneurship

We talk with Victoria Haro co-founder of the University of the Environment (Mexico) about a variety of topics, but mostly about creativity and social entrepreneurship.

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Young people change makers of the present

Camille Souffron is one of the most extraordinary people we have ever met, with a strong sense of commitment and with a clear idea of what we need right now in education and in other fields: empathy. He is not only the voice of the young people but one of the most active change makers at this moment.

  • France
KaosPilots SW
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The office of ideas

Christiane Daepp founded the “Ideenbüro” program in 2002. She recognized that children are outstanding problem solvers. Within the context of the “Ideenbüro” program, school children look for solutions to the day-to-day problems of fellow schoolchildren.

The diffusion of innovations
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The diffusion of innovations in education

We talk with Valentina Raman, CO-Founder and Education strategist of DC Prototypes and Zineb Mouhyi, WISE Policy Development Officer, about how to change the mainstream in education.

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Reconnecting youth and children to nature

Climate Change is the biggest threat to the humanity right now. Past climate changes led to extinction of many species, population migrations, and pronounced changes in the land surface and ocean circulation. The speed of the current climate change is faster than most of the past events, making it more difficult for human societies and the natural world to adapt. We talk with Luis Alberto Camargo, founder and director of OpEPA about the importance of reconnecting children and young people with the Earth to act in an environmentally responsible way.

Frank Renold Kaos Pilot
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Self-awareness to improve human interactions

Frank Renold is an actor, improvisation coach and presenter. He is co-founder of Theatre Anundpfirsich. In his training for companies (he is teacher at Kaos Pilot Switzerland) he combines the techniques and principles of improvisation with his many years of experience in the private sector, helping teams and individuals to improve their communication and collaboration. In this interview we talk about the importance of body as a communication channel, the interaction between teachers and parents in the school environment and the application of improvisation techniques with kids and young people.

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