Spielraum21: Uncovering the magic of the curriculum

Spielraum21 is a private school recognized by the state that shows one of the many ways in which education in the 21st century could take place in both public and private schools taking advantage of the room offered by the … Read More

Ideenbüro (The offices of ideas)

Christiane Daepp founded the “Ideenbüro” program in 2002 in response to difficulties at a school. She recognized that children are outstanding problem solvers. Particularly in areas that affect them personally, children can be extremely successful in the role of conflict … Read More


The weavers are the people who are already leading the change, people who is working or has been working directly with young people (or young people themselves) and empowering them as change makers. They have also taken one step back … Read More

The KAOSPILOTS Switzerland and the “painful” playground

KaosPilots is a social entrepreneur school. It is a place of practical learning and personal development and growth we students are challenged real world projects and more. A KaosPilot is a responsible Leader, a creative Entrepreneur and a Change Maker, … Read More